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Netlify Changelog: March 2022

News & Announcements

Netlify Changelog: March 2022

Here’s everything that’s new from the past month!


Log Drains for New Relic

Export your traffic and functions logs to New Relic for better troubleshooting and observability! Once your Netlify site data is sent to New Relic, you can store that data for longer periods of time, explore the data with more granular attributes, create custom dashboards, and configure alerts based on specific thresholds.

Available today for developers on Netlify’s Enterprise plans →

Lighthouse Score Visualizations

If you’re using the Lighthouse plugin to monitor your scores before and after each deploy, you can now enable visualizations of your scores in the Netlify UI. The Lighthouse score summary includes scores for performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO, and PWAs.

Enable this feature through Netlify Labs →

New and Improved Pull Request Comments

You may have noticed Netlify’s PR comments got a bit of a makeover! The new table design makes Netlify’s automated comments more accessible and easier to scan. Plus, now you get a QR code for every deploy preview so you can preview your release on your mobile device without typing out the long, gnarly URL.

Save time every time you preview →

Next.js Toolbox Template

Hoping to learn your way around Netlify using Next.js as your framework? The new Next.js Toolbox Template is a great place to start! This foundational template demonstrates how to use Netlify functions, forms, and redirects when you’re working with Next.js.

Deploy and explore →

Sweeter Site Names

Netlify’s randomly generated site names and their unexpected combinations have been a reliable source of smiles and chuckles over the years. We recently shipped a change to take those silly site names and make them even more whimsical and confectionary.

Share your sweet site names on the forums →

In case you missed it

Thank you for building a better web with Netlify!

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