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Connecting the ecosystem to accelerate web development: Netlify’s expanded Technology Partner Program

News & Announcements

Connecting the ecosystem to accelerate web development: Netlify’s expanded Technology Partner Program

Today, we are excited to announce Netlify's newly expanded Technology Partner Program. With a new tiered structure and benefits, Netlify has committed to deepening collaboration with our partners to create the integrations developers desire and provide the support they need to be successful.

How the Technology Partner Program has expanded

Netlify has matured its partner program since its first launch at the start of 2020 to now feature more than 80 partner-led integrations across 10 categories such as CMS, e-commerce, and database and backend – and we’re just getting started! We have grown the team this year with new team members in partner management, partner marketing, and leadership. We have three new tiers for technology partners, with each level providing an increasing set of marketing benefits, collaboration, and support:

  • Registered Partners are members of the Netlify partner ecosystem, receiving developer support to build an integration with Netlify. Partners stay connected to Netlify announcements and events, and can leverage support from Netlify's Sales Team to pursue opportunities they have identified.

  • Platform Partners are best in class offerings with demonstrated overlap with Netlify’s customer base. Platform Partners get the business planning support from a Netlify Partner Manager (category lead) to market and grow their integration. They can qualify for additional benefits as they work towards the Strategic tier.

  • Strategic Partners have mutual business objectives and significant market opportunity with Netlify. Strategic Partners develop a deep relationship with Netlify through substantial collaboration, while also working with functional teams and executives within Netlify.

Fortifying the ecosystem with partner initiatives

The nature of building modern websites and web apps requires developers to understand and engage with the broader ecosystem. With the recently launched Integrations Hub and the expanded Agency and Technology Partner Programs, Netlify is committed to expanding its core platform functionality - connecting developer tools to Netlify’s renowned developer workflow for building and running millions of websites, e-commerce stores, and web apps.

“Netlify is committed to building a global ecosystem that unites technology providers, agencies, and organizations like the MACH Alliance to empower millions of developers to seamlessly connect, build, and run modern sites and applications,” said Chris Bach, co-founder and Chief Strategy and Creative Officer at Netlify. “By bringing together the ecosystem’s solutions, best practices and tools and making them readily available from the Netlify platform, developers can better focus on building differentiated web experiences.”

An integrated partner program designed for developers

We recognize the value in providing a centralized place where developers can discover, learn and install the tools that help them solve their unique challenges, where they already work. That’s why we created the Integrations Hub, supported by our amazing technology partners, that enables developers to extend the potential of those tools by deeply integrating their functionality with the build and deploy infrastructure.

Through the program and our dedicated Technology Partner Team, our goal is to build powerful partnerships with technologies to better serve our developers and build a better web - with you!

Learn more about joining the Netlify Technology Partner Program, and explore the possibilities our Integrations Hub can unlock for you.

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