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Building for the modern web, made easy

Deploy modern static websites with our automated platform. Add best practices like SSL, CDN distribution, caching and continuous deployment with a single click.

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Performance at the core.

Our ultra performant platform has nodes all over the world making it the world's fastest DNS service. Watch conversion rates skyrocket because of instant loads and instant cache invalidation.

Global CDN

We have nodes across the globe to keep latency down. Our multilayered CDN provides a scalable, globally consistent, fast version of any site.

Ultra-fast DNS

We provide the fastest DNS service available. It is globally aware so that no matter where a request comes from, all requests are routed to the nearest nodes.

High Availability

Our global, multilayered CDN is setup so that slow or failing nodes are seamlessly removed. Top to bottom, our infrastructure is redundant, to make sure we keep traffic flowing.

Atomic Deploys

Atomic deploys push your site to our CDN in its complete, updated state. Your newest version is immediately available everywhere, with the safety of an instant rollback one click away.

Instant Cache Invalidation

Our intelligent deployment process allows us to completely change the state of your site in ~1 sec. Releasing or rolling back a site we host eliminates caching problems. Instant global consistency is in our DNA.

Is your site under-performing?

Click here to check any site’s performance for free with our speedtest tool.

Servers built for Scalability

Netlify scales with your site. Whether it's a personal blog or a huge multilingual site with 20,000 pages, Netlify can handle your array of buildtools, frameworks, and APIs. Furthermore, you only pay for what you use. No need to overprovision for hosting.

Infinite Scale

Seamlessly grow from a personal blog to an international phenomenon. Our global CDN ensures your site is always as fast as greased lightning, regardless of load.

Complex Site Support

Using intelligent caching, updating your site is painless. We upload only files that have changed, minimizing the time spent waiting for 1000s of pages to upload.

Automated Hosting

Our developer tools make it easy to create, deploy and automatically manage thousands of unique sites. Our philosophy is the more sites, the merrier.

Asset Fingerprinting

By fingerprinting assets, we ensure that the current version of your site is globally consistent. Gone are the days of wondering what site people see.

Geo IP/Language Redirection

Our CDN supports complex internationalization rules. One DNS lookup will always serve your site in the correct language. Redirects occur at CDN level so you take zero performance hit.

Gradual Migration

Using Netlify’s advanced redirect rules, incrementally migrating to Netlify is safe and simple with no effect on performance. Learn how to Go Static Without Losing Your Server.

Atomic Deploys

We view your site as a whole, not a bunch of pages. When pushing a change to your site live without Atomic Deploy you’re pushing files live one-by-one, which could lead to missing assets, broken links or dropped connections as your new version loads. Avoid periodically broken sites with Netlify.

Unlimited Snapshots

We keep snapshots of every version of your site so you can track changes and revert back to any point in time, with just the click of a button.

What's speed without security?

Performance and scale means nothing without security, which is why Netlify offers it all, from free automated SSL and HTTP2 as default, to instant password protection and secure build environments.

Free One-Click SSL

We believe in security. We generate, deploy and manage unique SSL certificates for each site with just one click, all completely free.

Certificate Rotation

We automatically renew and deploy your new SSL certificates, taking the pain out of Certificate management.


Full support for the next generation web protocol, built for better performance and more efficient asset loading.

JWT Based Access Control

With JWT Based Access Control you build sites with any site generator and enable granular role based permissions while delegating authentication and user management to any service that can issue JSON Web Tokens.

Secure Build Environment

Our build environments live only for the duration of the build. Combined with a build cache, we ensure that each build is fast and fully isolated.

DDOS Protection

As part of custom plans Netlify offers advanced DDOS protection and mitigation via several partnerships.


Create as many teams as you like, and collaborate with other developers not just on a single site, but on all the sites that belong to a team. Various permissions are available depending on your plan choice.

API Origin Protection

Netlify offers advanced Origin Protection. A site hosted on a CDN is protected from malware, but it can still be vulnerable to both DDOS and attacks on any APIs used. This service uses a new way of whitelabeling benign traffic at CDN level. Keep your API safe while filtering out bot traffic and never lose performance!

Dialed in automation for ease.

Let Netlify automate your workflow. The separation of frontend and backend opens up a whole new world of possibilities. But it also means a lot of manual work, manually integrating and managing different tools and processes. Until now.

Git Integration

Netlify pairs naturally with Git. If you use GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket or just your own private repo, we let you pull, change and push to manage your site.

Automated Builds

Leave the build boxes to us. Continuous deployment is as simple as telling us how and what to build. Then rapidly deploy your site with standard git commands.

Inbound Webhooks

Trigger builds with a POST request to integrate with external APIs, schedule builds of your site or trigger rebuilds from a Google Spreadsheet. What can you do with webhooks?

Outbound Webhooks & Integrations

Set up any number of outbound webhooks. Receive email or Slack notifications for new form submissions, deploys or build failures. What can you do with webhooks?

Secure Build Environment

We never store any GitHub tokens on our servers, and your builds are run in a completely locked down environment. Read more about GitHub tokens and Netlify.

Cached Dependencies

Dependencies (rubygems, npm, etc.) are automatically installed and cached between builds to keep build time down. Read more about dependencies and run times.

Instant Cache Invalidation

One of the problems with releasing a new site is that you never know if a user is viewing a cached version. Netlify invalidates the cache instantly, serving only the intended version across the globe. Never wait to see a live version again.

Versioning & Rollbacks

Each lightweight deploy is treated as an immutable snapshot of the site. Rolling back as far as you’d like is just a matter of clicking the version you want live.

Tools to help you work better.

Netlify is the most full featured platform of its kind, with tons of dev tools to make life easier for the professional coder.

Multiple Environments Support

Support multiple environments (e.g. dev, staging, prod) with a simple argument. Each environment can track a git branch, providing isolated environments for experimentation.


Netlify is completely designed around a RESTful API. Manage, query and deploy a site all using simple HTTP calls. See API Docs.

JavaScript Injection

Add Google Analytics, retargeting codes or any other script you want straight from the web UI. Read the docs on Easy Snippet Injection here.

Branch Based Split Testing

Split the traffic for your main domain between two or more branch deploys. The logic takes places right at our CDN edge nodes without any loss of performance and keeps track of cookie affinity to make sure each visitor gets a consistent view of your site.

Redirect, Rewrite, & Proxy Rules

Use different rules to control how requests are handled. Proxy part of your traffic to your own backend, redirect old pages, or rewrite a page entirely. Or do them all.

Native Clients

Don’t feel like writing the HTTP calls? We have native clients in Javascript, Go and Ruby.

Custom HTTP Headers

Take full control over any HTTP header sent by Netlify. Easily add CORS or Content Security Headers to your site. What does this mean and why is this important?

Form Submission Hooks

Netlify supports form submissions for any HTML form on your site and triggers email, slack notifications or webhooks. Read about form handling in our documentation.

Password Protection

We provide simple password protection for a site out of the box. That means that you can launch a site and have coarse grained access with a click or a few keystrokes.

Easy Deploys for Single-Page apps.

Building a modern Single Page App? Netlify is the perfect deployment platform whether you're on React, Angular, Ember or your own homebrewed framework.


Never worry about SEO for your Single Page App again by adding Netlify’s prerendering backend with a one-click setup. Read all about prerendering in our documentation.

Client-side Routing Support

Setup a simple rule to make your single page app handle routing. This way all requests that don’t match a static file will serve your index file, so your router can handle them client side. Read all about history push-state support in our docs.

API Proxying

Using the redirect rules, it’s simple to host the site on Netlify while routing all API calls to your own backend. Now, you don’t have to worry about CORS. See Redirects documentation.

Authentication Providers

Let your users authenticate with GitHub or other OAuth2 providers without any backend. Read OAuth Provider documentation.

Easy Domain Management

Netlify provides you with complete domain management. Custom domains, subdomains, aliases, DNS hosting and Domain registration all editable from the UI.

Custom Domains

Use your custom domain with any Netlify plan.

Domain Aliases

Point more than one domain to the same website. Read our blogpost on domain aliases.

Netlify Subdomain

If you either don’t have a domain or just need to do a test site, use yourdomain.netlify.com See an example here.

DNS Hosting (NS1)

Netlify includes high uptime ultra-fast DNS hosting, with a simple but powerful DNS panel and full API access.

Domain Registration

Manage your domain from within Netlify.

Don’t let your site be slow and vulnerable.