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Netlify’s commitment to protect your data

Netlify is committed to helping users understand the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and to comply with its requirements. We’ve partnered with legal experts in Europe and the US to ensure that our products and contractual commitments are in line with GDPR regulations.

We’ll also continue monitoring best practices around GDPR compliance and update our commitments if they change.

About the GDPR

The GDPR is a European law that has the objective of protecting EU citizens’ personal information, and regulates how such data is collected, stored, and used.

Types of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) we collect

  • Access logs including the IP addresses of your site visitors, stored for less than 30 days
  • Login information
  • Customer contact information (company name, email, phone, physical business address)

Your obligations around data about your customers which you collect via Netlify

If you use our service to collect Personally Identifiable Information from your visitors, via form submission or other methods, you are solely responsible for its disposition.

Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

You may download our DPA here:

Netlify DPA

Email the completed and signed DPA to The DPA has been pre-signed on behalf of Netlify. Upon receipt of the validly completed DPA by Netlify at this email address, the DPA will become legally binding.