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Community Built

Speed up builds, import and convert data, generate sitemaps, and more with popular plugins created by users like yourself.

Build a more accessible web! Run your critical pages through pa11y and fail build if accessibility failures are found.
Automatically notifies Airbrake of new site deploys.
AMP server-side rendering
A Netlify plugin to server-side render your AMP pages.
Angular Quickstart
This is a bare-bones Angular project that has everything you need to quickly deploy it to Netlify.
Angular Universal
Superceded by Netlify Angular Runtime. Only use this for sites prior to Angular v17.
Astro Quickstart
Bare-bones Astro project that has everything you need to quickly deploy it to Netlify.
Astro Toolbox
An Astro template that Utilizes common Netlify Features.
Bejamas Next.js Blog Starter
A customizable blog starter including modern designs with dark & light themes. Built with Next.js, Tailwind, and MDX.
Build Logger
Send build events to a logging service.
Cecil cache
Persist the Cecil cache between Netlify builds.
Checklinks helps you keep all your asset references correct and avoid embarrassing broken links to your internal pages, or even to external pages you link out to.
Installs Chromium (installs NPM Chromium package and sets environment variable to location of binaries); useful for other tools requiring Chromium to run, e.g. Lighthouse CI.
Composable UI
A robust foundation for building fast, modern composable commerce sites with React, Next.js, and Chakra UI. Includes ready-to-use UI components, and integrations with Algolia and Stripe.
Contextual ENV
Replaces ENV vars with ENV vars that are prefixed/suffixed with the context or branch name.
After a successful build, create an event in your Dareboost monitoring. If you have subscribed to API credits, you can automatically launch analyses.
Debug cache
Debug & verify the contents of your Netlify build cache.
Fetch feeds
A Netlify plugin to fetch and cache content from remote feeds including RSS and JSON.
Flutter SDK
Install the Flutter SDK for Building and Deploying Flutter Web Apps.
Ghost Markdown
Generates posts, pages, tag pages and author pages from a Ghost publication as markdown files, using the Ghost Content API.
Gridsome Cache
Persist the Gridsome cache between Netlify builds for huge speed improvements!
Hashfiles sets you up with an optimal caching strategy for static sites, where static assets across pages are cached for as long as possible in the visitors browser and never have to be re-requested.
HTML Validate
Validate HTML generated by your build.
Hugo Cache Resources
Persist Hugo resources folder between Netlify builds for huge build speed improvements!
Hugo Quickstart
This is a bare-bones Hugo project that has everything you need to quickly deploy it to Netlify.
Image Optim
Optimize images as part of your Netlify build process.
Inline Critical CSS
Automatically extract and inline the critical CSS of your pages in order to render content to the user as fast as possible.
Inline Functions Environment Variables
Inline process.env.VARIABLE in netlify functions with netlify build time environment variables.
Inline Source
Improve your site’s performance by inlining some of your assets/sources, reducing the number of HTTP requests your users need to make.
Is Website Vulnerable
A Netlify plugin that uses Snyk to test for security vulnerabilities in a website's JavaScript libraries.
JavaScript Obfuscator
An obfuscator for your JavaScript source code.
Jekyll Cache
Persist the Jekyll cache between Netlify builds.
Minify HTML
A plugin to add HTML minification as a post-processing optimisation in Netlify.
Netlify Bundle ENV
A Netlify Build Plugin to inject environment variables in Netlify Functions during Netlify Builds.
Next.js Starter
This is a starter Next.js v12 project bootstrapped with create-next-app.
Next.js Toolbox
This NextJS v12 Toolbox template integrates commonly used Netlify features (Functions, Forms, and Redirects).
No More 404
Check that you preserve your own internal URL structure between builds, accounting for Netlify Redirects. Don't break the web!
Nuxt.js Toolbox
This NuxtJS v2 Toolbox template integrates commonly used Netlify features (Functions, Forms, and Redirects).
Pushover Notification
Send real time notification to your devices on build success/error via
Replace ENV variables in your publish directory.
Automatically generate a sitemap for your website after it finishes building in Netlify.
Skip nx
Skip not affected apps in a nx monorepo.
Subfont post-processes your web page to analyse you usage of web fonts, then reworks your webpage to use an optimal font loading strategy for the best performance.
Submit Sitemap
Automatically submit your sitemap to Google and Yandex after every production build!
Use Env in Runtime
Make some environment variables available only at build time in the runtime of your app.
Automatically discover any webmentions and send them after every production build.