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Build a more accessible web! Run your critical pages through pa11y and fail build if accessibility failures are found.

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This plugin uses pa11y (which in turn uses axe-core) to check your Netlify project for accessibility issues.

If issues are found, the plugin generates a report which provides:

  • the path to the HTML file in which the error was found
  • a description of the error with a link to the relevant Deque University rule
  • the name of the error within the aXe API
  • the path to the the DOM element associated with the error
  • the DOM element itself
  • the total number of issues on the page
  • the sum of all issues across all pages that were checked

By default, the plugin checks all your site's pages for violations of WCAG 2.1 level AA, and fails the site build if any a11y issues are found.