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The MySQL-compatible serverless database platform.

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PlanetScale is the next evolution of databases. A MySQL-compatible, serverless database platform built on the tested scalability of Vitess, PlanetScale changes how developers work with databases, empowering them to focus on their product and not their DevOps. Quickly deploy features and ship faster using GitHub-style workflows with tools like PlanetScale Data Branching and non-blocking schema changes. Save time and headaches by reverting bad migrations with the click of a button. Optimize your queries with real-time integrated database performance metrics. PlanetScale matches the speed of your innovation and the scale of your vision. Finally, teams can build apps meant for scale from day one and deploy with confidence knowing their database isn’t a blocker. Your developers want to use something that increases their velocity, your apps need power to handle peak loads, and your business needs predictability with no downtime. It’s time to evolve your database with PlanetScale.

Use Cases

Database for DevOps

  • 100% online schema changes deployed automatically from your database branch. Never before has a database been a force multiplier in your software development lifecycle.


  • PlanetScale is now the most scalable MySQL platform. With horizontal sharding and unlimited connections, you can harness the power of Vitess without hiring a team of engineers.

Import your Data in a Snap

  • No dumping, no restoring. Connect your existing database and we do the rest.