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Plug & Play Database Acceleration. uses smart caching to improve query performance, lower latency, and make data access and scale engineering a breeze.

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PolyScale Setup Guide
Data-driven edge functions with Netlify and PolyScale.

About uses smart caching to distribute and serve database data, local to applications for accelerated queries and lower latency - ideal for distributed applications that require database access.

The smart cache inspects each SQL/NoSQL query and intelligently decides what to cache and for how long. Write queries simply pass through the platform to the database, triggering automatic invalidations, and reads are inspected for caching opportunities. This analysis is real-time and constantly adapting based on the behavior of the traffic with zero manual configuration.

PolyScale is wire protocol compatible with multiple databases (including Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL and MongoDB) and therefore no changes are required to client applications to implement. Simply update the connection string to route traffic via PolyScale.

Use Cases

Building Data-driven Serverless Functions

  • Access database reads globally at the edge. PolyScale caches and executes database queries locally to the Edge Function and enables high concurrency with features such as TCP Connection Pooling, ensuring low-latency experiences globally for data-driven apps.

Building Data-intensive Apps

  • All cached queries execute in <1ms from any edge location.
  • PolyScale supports massive concurrent workloads, scaling without any manual intervention.