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A serverless database edge cache that lowers global data latency.

  • Backend Management


PolyScale Setup Guide
Data-driven edge functions with Netlify and PolyScale.

About provides a no-code, plug-and-play database edge cache. It is wire-protocol compatible with several databases (such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB & MS SQL Server) and intelligently caches data automatically based on query pattern analysis. Integrate in minutes with a simple database connection string update.

Use Cases

Building Data-driven Serverless Functions

  • Access database reads globally at the edge. PolyScale caches and executes database queries locally to the Edge Function and enables high concurrency with features such as TCP Connection Pooling, ensuring low-latency experiences globally for data-driven apps.

Building Data-intensive Apps

  • All cached queries execute in <1ms from any edge location.
  • PolyScale supports massive concurrent workloads, scaling without any manual intervention.