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Giving Prismic to teams turns websites into growth engines. Generate growth by rapidly creating on-brand pages. Assemble them with re-usable website sections, aka Slices.

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Prismic Setup Guide
Easily deploy your app on Gatsby + Netlify
Prismic Connector
Add Prismic as a data source to Netlify Connect to unify all of your content sources and unlock a number of benefits that make it easier to modernize your web architecture.


Empower developers and content teams to develop, assemble, and publish web pages more efficiently with Prismic and Netlify.

How Prismic and Netlify work together

The Netlify and Prismic webhook connection makes creating and updating content on your Netlify site easier. With the integration, content creators and developers can trigger Netlify builds each time documents, releases, and tags are created, deleted, published, or unpublished.

About Prismic

Prismic is a 'headless' CMS that combines excellent developer experience with powerful end-user features. Over the years, we've come to think of ourselves as the first component CMS and our Slices feature encourages users to build websites in sections, rather than in pages.

The perfect CMS for anyone building a Jamstack website, Prismic offers all of the benefits of a traditional CMS with the added ability to pair it with any of your preferred technologies, as well as game-changing features like dynamic previews, an on-website edit button, and scheduling & releases.

We've also worked closely with Netlify on developing our latest project - Slice Machine. Slice Machine takes our Slices feature to the next level by giving you a component-management tool and access to customizable component libraries.

Use Cases

eCommerce Website

  • Prismic makes managing your eCommerce website simple, easy, and efficient. Your content editors and marketers will be able to independently create content, CTAs, and marketing campaigns and schedule exactly when they will go live. Our Integrations Fields feature also allows you to seamlessly integrate third-party data - perfect for linking to product catalog to enrich with custom content and design elements.

Marketing Websites

  • Our Slices feature makes it easy to design, build, and manage beautiful marketing websites. By building your websites in sections, you will be able to easily update banners, CTAs, campaigns, and individual content without impacting the rest of your website. It's the perfect approach for building a unique website that doesn't rely on templates, but that still allows marketers and content creators to independently create and edit website sections.

Editorial Websites

  • With Prismic, not only will your developers and designers be able to build your website using the technologies and stack that you prefer, but your content editors will also be free to independently create and edit content.

SEO & Acquisition Campaigns

  • Create highly contextualized rich content to boost your SEO and reduce your acquisition costs. Use Prismic Slices to easily create brand-consistent landing pages and micro-websites without any additional help from develops or designers.