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The Sentry integration on Netlify helps you quickly identify how code errors and performance issues impact your users.


Catch errors being shipped to production, manage the health of your releases, and rapidly resolve latency issues for your site before they impact the customer experience with Sentry and Netlify.

How Sentry and Netlify work together

The Sentry Build Plugin on Netlify helps you quickly identify how code errors impact your users. With the integration, Netlify automatically notifies Sentry every time the site builds. If Sentry monitoring reveals anything suspicious, you can instantly revert to a previous version of your site with Netlify until you fix the issue.

About Sentry

Code-level application monitoring for every developer. From Error tracking to Performance monitoring, developers can see clearer, solve quicker, and learn continuously about their applications — from frontend to backend. Loved by more than 3.5 million developers and 85,000 organizations worldwide, Sentry provides code-level observability to many of the world’s best-known companies like Disney, Cloudflare, Eventbrite, Slack, Supercell, and Rockstar Games. Learn more at or follow Sentry on GitHub, Twitter, Dribbble, or LinkedIn.

Use Cases

Automate Release Management

  • Notify Sentry of new releases being deployed by Netlify, upload source maps to Sentry, and send Sentry commits to enable features like suspect commits.