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Get production-accurate data and preview databases to code against, fast.

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Bootstrap preview databases with your deploy previews on Netlify without affecting production.



Snaplet’s mission is to give you a database with realistic data to code against, so you can spend more time shipping features and less time managing databases.

We know developers want a development environment that matches production, but getting production-realistic data in your dev environment is slow, frustrating and painful. Snaplet aims to solve that pain by giving developers access to safe, production-realistic data in their workflow in a snap.

Use Cases

Whether you’re working on a brand new project or something that’s in flight, Snaplet makes it easy to get a database and data to code against.

Netlify users can use the Snaplet Netlify integration to get a new, isolated database with data for their preview deployments in Netlify. When a pull request is created, a new database is created and seeded with a Snaplet snapshot, giving you a database (with data) to test your branch, without affecting production.

Snaplet’s data operations also empower you to get your data into the shape you need it to code against. For new projects or where you may need a database and data, snaplet db create [name] gets you a database, and snaplet generate makes it easy to seed your database with data.

Already have a production environment with a database and data? Use snaplet snapshot capture and snaplet snapshot restore to capture a snapshot of your production database, and safely restore that (with personally-identified information automatically removed) into your development environment.

What if you have too much data to work with? No problem - snaplet subset config allows you to capture a portion of your data, while keeping your data’s relationships intact.