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A highly flexible, enterprise-grade BaaS. Connect Netlify to any database or API and build real-time full-stack apps instantly with Squid Cloud.

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Squid Cloud for Netlify Setup Guide
Connect to any database or API and quickly build and deploy full-stack web apps with Netlify using Squid Cloud as your backend service.


About Squid Cloud
Squid Cloud is an enterprise-grade backend-as-a-service that allows you to connect to any database or API anywhere. Built to be flexible and unopinionated, it works with any frontend framework and can be used incrementally without migrations or rewriting code. Squid provides integrated AI building blocks enabling developers to build advanced workflows and enhance the product with AI capabilities.

With Squid, developers do not need to maintain a backend.

Squid Cloud was built by a highly experienced dev team who believes that securely integrating applications, APIs, and databases should be made easy for any business logic and that full-stack apps should be simpler and less costly to build and maintain.

How Squid Cloud and Netlify work together
Use Squid Cloud as your backend, connect to any database or API, and build and deploy full-stack web apps with Netlify in no time. Squid Cloud includes a netlify.toml file so that whenever you push your Squid Cloud backend changes into your Github, they deploy automatically on Netlify.

Use cases

  • Create real-time, full-stack web applications using the built-in-db, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, or any database you prefer or currently use.
  • Call public or private API endpoints directly and securely from your frontend with Squid Cloud’s endpoint auto-mapping capabilities, API key and secrets management, and key rotation capabilities.
  • Create AI driven workflows
  • Build a proof-of-concept or prototype in minutes and share it with the world using whatever best-of-breed resources you need -- Squid can integrate with them all.