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Connect to any database or API and quickly build and deploy full-stack web apps with Netlify using Squid Cloud as your backend service.

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Squid Cloud is an enterprise-grade backend-as-a-service that can connect to any API or database anywhere. Squid Cloud eliminates the need for backend maintenance, enables real-time applications, and is SOC 2-compliant.

Add a data integration in Squid in seconds, build using our SDKs, and deploy your web applications to Netlify in a few steps. Once deployed, any Github pushes for changes you make to your Squid application will also automatically update on Netlify.

Use Squid Cloud to create secure, full-stack apps, data integrations, and AI agents and workflows using the data you need, wherever it may be, without the headache of maintaining a backend, and in a fraction of the time you expect.