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Netlify Open Source

A large portion of Netlify is open source – in addition, Netlify is home to many open-source projects and we support them by giving our $49 pro plan to OS projects free of charge. Below you’ll see Netlify open-source projects in addition to projects in the space that we have committed to.

Open Source by Netlify

We develop and maintain many of our own open-source projects to support the innovation behind modern web development.


Netlify CMS is the first CMS for the new age of Git-centric web development. It is completely build tool agnostic and works with storing structured content in Git. A CMS for site generators. Netlify-CMS gives non-technical users a simple way to edit and add content to any site built with a site generator. https://www.netlifycms.org Contribute on GitHub →

Netlify Playground

Netlify Playground is a sandbox application to test all configurations related with Netlify before setting those up in your sites. https://github.com/netlify/netlify-playground Contribute on GitHub →


GoTell is an API and build tool for handling large amounts of comments. https://github.com/netlify/gotell Contribute on GitHub →


GoTrue is a small open-source API written in golang that can act as a self-standing API service for handling user registration and authentication for projects. It’s based on OAuth2 and JWT and will handle user signup, authentication and custom user data. https://www.gotrueapi.org Contribute on GitHub →


GoJoin is a tiny API that acts as a wrapper for Stripe’s subscription API. It exposes simple call methods for single page apps and sites. https://github.com/netlify/gojoin Contribute on GitHub →


GoCommerce is a small Go based API for e-commerce sites that handles orders and payments. It integrates with Stripe for payments and will support international pricing and VAT verification. https://www.gocommerceapi.org Contribute on GitHub →


A tiny API Gateway based on JSON Web Tokens. Gotiator can handle simple API proxying with signing for single page apps that already use JWTs for authentication. https://github.com/netlify/gotiator Contribute on GitHub →

Open Source Netlify

Many open source projects have found their home with Netlify. We offer our $49/mo Pro Plan FREE to any open source project.


Lodash is a modern JavaScript utility library with more than half a billion downloads a year. https://lodash.com/ Learn more →


Yarn is a fast, reliable, and secure dependency manager for node from the engineers at Facebook, Google and Microsoft. https://yarnpkg.com Learn more →


Serverless is an application framework to easily build serverless architectures on AWS Lambda & more. https://serverless.com Learn more →


Framer.js is the most popular OS code design project out there. https://framerjs.com/ Learn more →


Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. https://kubernetes.io/ Learn more →

Your open-source site on Netlify?

Netlify offers the $49 Pro plan for free to any open source project. Simply sign up, push your project and upgrade for free.

Our Contributions

Netlify frequently contributes to many different projects in our space, in an effort to push the category forward.


Most popular static site generator, and first modern static site generator as well. https://jekyllrb.com/ Contribute on GitHub →


A toolkit for rapid advanced front-end development. http://roots.cx/ Contribute on GitHub →


A Fast and Flexible Static Site Generator built with love in Golang. https://gohugo.io/ Contribute on GitHub →

Apache Traffic Server

A fast, scalable and extensible caching proxy server. http://trafficserver.apache.org Contribute on GitHub →


Hand-crafted frontend development. https://middlemanapp.com/ Contribute on GitHub →


The open-source application container engine. https://www.docker.com Contribute on GitHub →


A simple, high performance open source messaging system for cloud native applications, IoT messaging, and microservices architectures. http://nats.io Contribute on GitHub →


Ruby toolkit for the GitHub API. http://octokit.github.io/octokit.rb/ Contribute on GitHub →

Google Cloud Client Library for Ruby

Idiomatic Ruby client for Google Cloud Platform services. https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/google-cloud-ruby Contribute on GitHub →


An ACME-based CA, written in Go. https://github.com/letsencrypt/boulder Contribute on GitHub →


Let’s Encrypt client and ACME library written in Go. https://github.com/xenolf/lego Contribute on GitHub →

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