Netlify CLI

Run the entire Netlify platform right from your terminal

Spin up a project in seconds, configure your build, test serverless functions, live stream your work, and deploy globally — all from your command line.

Test your app locally

When you run netlify dev , Netlify automatically...

  • Detects your framework or static site generator
  • Pulls in UI settings
  • Makes environment variables available
  • Runs local servers for your frontend and serverless functions

Then, you can use Netlify Dev to...

  • Run and debug serverless functions
  • Test redirect and header rules
  • Develop custom edge logic
  • Start Netlify Live
◈ Netlify Dev ◈ $ netlify dev ◈ Starting Netlify Dev with Eleventy > cool-site@1.0.0 watch:11ty > eleventy --serve --quiet Watching files... Server ready on http://localhost:8888
◈ Netlify Dev ◈ $ netlify dev --live Creating Live Tunnel Server ready on

Share your work live

Live stream your local development environment and experience all the benefits of pair programming without the screen share lag.

  • Stream your dev server to a URL
  • Share the URL with your team
  • Collaborate in real-time
  • Gather instant feedback

Build and deploy from the terminal

Done developing and ready to push to production? Run netlify build to compile all of your code and netlify deploy to ship it. Or, push your code to Git and let Netlify’s automated CI/CD do all the work for you.

─────────────────────────────────────────── Netlify Build Complete
 ─────────────────────────────────────────── (Netlify Build completed in 34.7s) Post processing - header rules Post processing - redirect rules Post processing done Site is live ✨
Kent C. Dodds

Decoupled web projects involve so many components. The hard part is testing all the pieces locally, together. Netlify Dev delivers this beautifully with one command.

Kent C. Dodds, @kentcdodds

Netlify CLI makes local dev *painless*

Zero-config required for all of your favorite frameworks

Netlify Dev automatically detects frameworks like Astro, Next.js, Nuxt, Gatsby, Eleventy, Hugo, Jekyll, and more and handles configuration for you. Don’t like the defaults? Set your own.

Environment variables included

When the development server starts, it pulls in all of the environment variables set in your Netlify dashboard.

Ready to run serverless functions

Write your serverless functions in JavaScript, TypeScript, or Go. Put your functions in the /netlify/functions folder. Netlify handles the rest.

Test your logic before deploying

Locally test routing, serverless functions, and personalization before you deploy your app to Netlify’s global edge network.

Ready to try Netlify CLI?

Install it right now with this command:
npm install netlify-cli -g

Or, visit the docs for step-by-step instructions .

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