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DataStax is the company behind the massively scalable, highly available, cloud-native NoSQL database built on Apache Cassandra.

About DataStax

DataStax delivers an open, multi-cloud data stack built on Apache Cassandra™, the world’s most scalable database and Apache Pulsar. The company’s marquee offering is Astra DB, the industry’s first and only open, multi-cloud serverless database. Built on a modern, Kubernetes-based architecture, Astra delivers Cassandra-as-a-Service with an unprecedented combination of pay-as-you-go data, simplified operations, and the freedom of multi-cloud and open source. 

With DataStax, any developer or enterprise can now deploy data at massive scale, with 100% uptime, for lower cost. Today, nearly 500 of the world’s most demanding enterprises and half of the Fortune 100 rely on DataStax to power modern data apps, including The Home Depot, T-Mobile, and Intuit.

DataStax and Netlify

Bringing up a new application can be time consuming and frustrating.  Combining an Astra database with Netlify hosting makes it easy to create serverless solutions quickly.  Datastax provides an easy setup tool and process to connect the two together with minimal effort, allowing you to focus on your application development.

At DataStax Developer Relations, Netlify is the go-to partner for users looking to deploy their frontend applications. The Netlify serverless functions in conjunction with the DataStax serverless Astra database allow for the fast development of a fully functional modern application.

Use cases

  • Integrated Serverless Development

    Streamlined, fully integrated DevOps workflow for modern distributed apps powered by DataStax serverless Astra database.

  • Distributed Jamstack Backend

    Create rich database powered Jamstack experiences in eCommerce, Digital Retail and Communication.