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Next.js on Netlify

More enterprise teams choose to run Next.js on Netlify than on any other Jamstack platform.

Yashar Rassoulli

“We selected Next.js on Netlify for our customer Spirent, a multinational telecommunications testing company. The customer is impressed by the ease in their web team’s workflow and the overall better site performance for their visitors.”

Yashar Rassoulli, CTO of Myplanet

Start for free. Migrate when ready.

Rolling out a new framework across a massive company is hard. Netlify makes it easy to get started for free. Incrementally adopt Next.js without worrying about vendor lock-in.

Built-in support for Next.js

Netlify auto-detects Next.js and supports
  • Live Preview Mode
  • Internationalized Routing
  • React 17 support
  • Atomic, immutable deploys
  • Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR)

On Netlify’s enterprise-grade platform

The Netlify Difference
  • SOC 2 Type 2 Report available
  • Dedicated 24×7×365 support
  • 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Multi-cloud, high-performance Edge network
  • Faster TTFB and download times
  • Edge Handlers
  • Large library of build plugins
  • A/B testing
  • Form handling
  • Serverless functions and background functions

Let’s deploy Next.js!

A few starter Next.js templates

Need instructions for deploying an existing site?

Share and collaborate on the Deploy Preview URL

Only Netlify lets you gather feedback from stakeholders directly on Deploy Preview links.

Empower everybody on your team to leave rich, visual feedback from their browsers. Comments automatically feed into GitHub, so nothing falls between the cracks.

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