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Goodbye Medium — Kent C. Dodds

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Goodbye Medium — Kent C. Dodds

After Medium removed its support for custom domains, and began making other changes to how visitors experience the content posted on the site, many have started looking at ways to reclaim their content, and migrate to platforms over which they have more control.

This post, from Kent C. Dodds offers a good explanation of why Kent has migrated from Medium to his own site at

I started publishing blog posts every week, and over 100 blog posts later, I finally decided that the "cost" of creating my own blog platform was worth the effort.

Links to my articles on have been shared with millions of people all over the world on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, "the orange site," and on other platforms. Because I own the domain, I was able to make this move without worrying about all those links breaking!

Along the way, you'll also see Kent's approach to ensuring that he leaves no URL behind, thanks to making smart use Netlify's redirects API and serverless functions.

His video walkthrough makes for interesting viewing.

👉 Goodbye Medium

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