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FaunaDB & JAMstack with Chris Anderson

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FaunaDB & JAMstack with Chris Anderson

On the latest React Roundup episode, Justin Bennett and Chris Anderson talk about the origins of FaunaDB and how it works swimmingly with the JAMstack.

My favorite thing about JAMstack is that it's all these best practices coming together... whether I'm working with Enterprise engineers who invented these best practices or people coming out of a code school they all understand the value of having a well defined build step for your application and having all that automated by a service like Netlify and having that separation of concerns between your compiled application deliverable and the APIs that it depends on.

We've written before about Building Serverless CRUD apps with Netlify Functions & FaunaDB, and you can check out the Fauna Demo Readme and try our updated demo here!

👉 RRU 051: FaunaDB & JAMstack with Chris Anderson |

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