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State of the JAMstack survey

News & Announcements

State of the JAMstack survey

We'd like you to participate in the first JAMstack community survey!

It's probably not news to anyone at this point that the JAMstack architecture is exploding in popularity across the developer community. But who exactly are the people making JAMstack sites? What kind of sites are they building with the JAMstack? What are the tools and best practices inside this burgeoning community?

When a community is growing this fast, it's hard to know what's a standard practice and what's a niche interest. And that can present a problem for the people just getting around to joining our community. Popular tools are, in general, easier to use: if more people are using a thing, there will be more documentation, more bug fixes, more Stack Overflow questions answered. Developers new to the JAMstack can be overwhelmed by the number of options available, and that makes it harder to get started.

So to help the community we are running this survey. Our goal is to give you a sense of context of what everyone in the ecosystem is up to and where you fit in it. The results may give you reassurance that you've made good choices, or explain why you're experiencing more friction. And it can just be fun to find out what everyone's up to!

We want everyone to participate: whether you're a developer or a designer, a copy writer, a product marketer or something else; a hobbyist or a professional; whether you build JAMstack sites on Netlify or somewhere else, and no matter where in the world you are. The more responses we get, the better and broader a picture we'll have of everyone in our community, so please share this survey with your circles.

The survey will be running for 30 days, after which we'll need a week or two to sort through the answers. We'll of course be sharing the results with the community for free online, and at our JAMstack conference events.

You can take the survey right now. Thanks for taking part!

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