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Migrating to the Modern Web Summit: Videos Available!

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Migrating to the Modern Web Summit: Videos Available!

Migrating from legacy web architectures to the modern web? You’re not alone. Netlify recently held a seminar on the subject, bringing real-world experience from teams who know how to adopt modern web architectures quickly, safely, and effectively. We heard from web development teams, agencies, and Netlify experts about how to put you on the fastest path possible to both better performance for your application and more productivity from your team.

Here’s what we covered.

Onramp to the Jamstack: Why go, and how to get there

The event kicked off with a talk from Phil Hawksworth, our very own Director of Developer Experience at Netlify. After years of working at agencies, Phil intimately understood the complexities of monolith systems, and their difficulties. In his talk, he reviews core Jamstack principles--what it is, how it can solve some of those monolith problems, and then covers how to start a migration, step by step.

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Migrating to the Jamstack: Considerations and Guide

The next talk of the day was from Senior Solutions Engineer at Netlify, Bhavana Srinivas. Bhavana works with all kinds of Netlify customers to map out successful journeys from legacy tech stacks to the Jamstack. In this talk, she shares the guide her team offers to enterprise customers undertaking this type of migration, including important upfront questions teams need to consider while moving from a legacy stack to the Jamstack, and common pitfalls. Her talk wraps up with a step-by-step guide on how to make such a migration successful.

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A Migration Success Story with Ample and Crossroads Church

For Matt Welty and his team at Crossroads Church, providing an always-on, digital-first experience is crucial. But before their migration to the Jamstack, they were experiencing a 14-second load time on some pages. The team urgently needed to fix this experience, but without a “big-bang” cutover resulting in downtime. As Matt puts it, “We needed new stuff to be able to come online quickly, and I couldn't wait for the old legacy stuff to be fixed to do that. A gradual migration allowed us to do that.” They employed agency Ample to help them do just that. In our next talk, Becky Blank and Taylor MacDonald from Ample sat down to talk with Matt Welty of Crossroads Church about their gradual migration, and how Netlify and the Jamstack have improved both user experience and the development team’s experience.

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Why Chaos Engineering Company Gremlin Chose the Jamstack

As a chaos engineering company, it’s particularly important for Gremlin to maintain availability and performance. That’s why they moved their web properties to the Jamstack. In this fireside chat, Phil Hawksworth of Netlify and Zach Schnackel of Gremlin chat about Gremlin’s migration, and what features of Netlify and other failsafes they use to ensure that production remains bug-free.

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