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Event notifications provide information and integrations

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Event notifications provide information and integrations

Throughout December we'll be highlighting a different Netlify feature each day. It might just be the thing you need to unlock those creative juices, and dust off that domain you registered but never deployed! Keep an eye on the blog and on Twitter for each feature!

Knowledge is power!

Knowing what events have taken place in your Netlify project, and being able to trigger actions based on those events, is pretty bloomin’ powerful too!

Netlify creates a variety of events throughout the lifecycle of your site deployments and for other services we provide for your sites, such as form submissions. Each of these events can create notifications and trigger actions elsewhere.

Combining tools and services using events and triggers opens up all kinds of fun possibilities for your projects!

Notification options

What's happening?

Somebody submitted data to one of your forms? We’ll let you know.

Want to be notified if your site has been deployed, or if a deployment has failed? We have notifications for that.

Want to know if a pull request has triggered a build? Yep, we can let you know that too.

Here’s a list of events related to builds and deploys that we can inform you about:

  • Deploy started: Emitted when Netlify starts building your site for a new deploy.
  • Deploy succeeded: Emitted when Netlify finishes uploading a new deploy to our CDN.
  • Deploy failed: Emitted when a deploy does not complete.
  • Deploy locked: Emitted when the site is locked to a published deploy, stopping auto publishing.
  • Deploy unlocked: Emitted when deploys are unlocked, resuming auto publishing.
  • Deploy request pending: Emitted when an untrusted deploy requires approval to begin building, as specified by the site’s sensitive variable policy.
  • Deploy request accepted: Emitted when an untrusted deploy request is accepted and can begin building.
  • Deploy request rejected: Emitted when an untrusted deploy request is rejected.

More event notification details can be found in the docs.

Types of notifications

All of these events can trigger notifications. And you can configure what type of notification you receive for each event. Notification types include:

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