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Netlify Changelog: February 2022

News & Announcements

Netlify Changelog: February 2022

Here's your roundup of recent Netlify releases for February 2022!

What's new:

Netlify Graph

Netlify Graph offers a faster way for teams to develop web apps with APIs. Authenticate to third-party APIs, explore data from endpoints, and build integrations faster with a GraphQL-powered composer. Netlify Graph is now in beta and available through Netlify Labs.

New Relic Integration and Quickstart

Dramatically level up your observability capabilities for your Jamstack apps! Learn how to automatically add New Relic’s real-user monitoring Browser agent to your websites and apps, and quickly create a dashboard with alerts to notify your team if performance shifts away from a baseline. Get started with the New Relic integration.

Log Drains for S3

S3 joins Datadog on the list of available destinations for Netlify’s Log Drains. Send your Netlify traffic logs and functions log to an S3 bucket for cold storage or pass them into your preferred log management solution for troubleshooting. S3 Log Drains are now available on Enterprise plans.

Command Palette

Shortcut lovers and power users, this one's for you! Enable the new Command Palette, a powerful new tool that makes it easy to navigate across the Netlify UI, search for specific sites, logs, settings, functions and more.

Scheduled Functions

Cron jobs are here! Schedule a build, invoke functions hourly, or back up a bunch of data at the end of the day. Scheduled functions are now in beta and available through Netlify Labs.

Increased Log Retention

Need more than 24 hours worth of logs to monitor function behaviors and verify improvements across your development cycles? With this release, if you are on Netlify’s Pro, Business, or Enterprise plans, you’ll now have up to seven days of functions log retention.

In case you missed it

That's all the news that's new! Thank you for building a better web with Netlify.

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