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Netlify’s Enterprise Git Workflow Expands with Azure DevOps Integration

News & Announcements

Netlify’s Enterprise Git Workflow Expands with Azure DevOps Integration

Today represents a milestone moment for Netlify as we introduce first-class Git integration support for Azure DevOps! Developers working with Azure Repos can now enjoy the productivity benefits of the Netlify workflow with automated builds and deploy previews.

With the addition of this new integration, Netlify is now the modern web development platform with the most complete list of supported Git provider integrations that work without any toolkits or manual setup required. Azure DevOps joins the list alongside GitHub, GitHub Enterprise Server, GitLab, self-managed GitLab, and Bitbucket.

A Git Workflow That Works for Enterprise Teams

Netlify has long offered support for publicly accessible repos in GitHub Enterprise Server or self-managed GitLab, but until this moment was largely unable to serve the thousands of customers and businesses in the Microsoft Azure community.

Because of this, it was common to see developers choosing Netlify for personal projects or small proof-of-concepts, but they were unable to benefit from the Netlify workflow they loved when they were deploying production-grade apps at work. Or else, if they did choose to use Netlify, they may have only been able to benefit from the hosting solution and not the end-to-end experience from building, to CI/CD, and through to the global edge network.

Netlify’s new Azure DevOps integration opens up the door for unparalleled productivity as Azure developers can now connect, build, and run websites and apps in one seamless workflow.

Extensible from CI/CD to Observability

Git integrations are only the starting point. Netlify is designed to be fully programmable and extensible from the beginning of the development process all the way through to performance monitoring and observability.

Developers choosing Netlify benefit from advanced controls and integrations at every step:

  • Netlify Build: Lock deploys, prioritize builds, or use Build Plugins from providers like Algolia, Lighthouse, Sentry, Snyk, and SpeedCurve to customize your build process according to your team’s standards; High-Performance Build is available for even more compute power;
  • Netlify Edge: Run your code closer to your customers from a global, multi-cloud edge network; High-Performance Edge is available with 99.99% uptime SLA;
  • Log Drains: Send your traffic and function logs to your team’s preferred storage and application monitoring solutions like Amazon S3, Datadog, Logflare, New Relic, Sumo Logic, or any custom HTTP endpoint; available only on Enterprise plans;
  • Team Governance: Get a unified view of your usage across teams and set up custom billing for your organization; available only with an Enterprise Grid plan.

Together, these tools make up one open ecosystem focused on delivering transformative productivity and performance for developers on business teams.

Experience the Netlify Workflow with Your Team

Curious to learn more about how the Git workflow works? Contact the experts at Netlify today! Netlify’s knowledgeable accounts team and experienced solutions engineers are standing by. We’d love to hear about your project and help you pick the right tools for the job.

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