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As the team gears up for our first Netlify Compose conference next week in San Francisco, we're paving the way this week with three launches in three days.

Each launch continues in line with our recent announcement of standards based Stale While Revalidate as a new edge caching primitive and will focus on making our core platform primitives better and simpler to use for developers.

Netlify was created on the idea of bringing together a coherent set of platform primitives aligned with our vision for a modern, decoupled web. These improvements accelerate our ability to deliver orchestration through a streamlined workflow usable at any scale.

For the past several years, we’ve started helping larger and larger companies with big complex problems. As a result, Netlify is investing to expand our product from serving the needs of individual web teams to solving the needs of enterprises at scale.

We’ve gone from a world without mature Jamstack frameworks—where the only way to build with our stack was to go straight to the platform primitives we offered—to a world with lots of mature and established meta frameworks that often act as a developer’s main entry point into all the underlying primitives for builds, compute and edge caching.

Netlify will always aim to be the best place to run any of the modern frameworks at scale. Most modern frameworks offer developers a simple setup based on best practices that align with best-in-class solutions to address the most common challenges in web development today.

Better core platform primitives enable us to improve our user experience and support for frameworks, but also allow Netlify to provide space for developers to innovate and build the next generation of frameworks. Developers are empowered to craft powerful solutions directly with our platform, either in the context where adopting a large framework is not possible, or in contexts where the complexity they add are not needed.

Our launches this week are all part of a renewed commitment from Netlify to advance the core developer experience of our platform primitives. We are investing to make the experience of working with our platform better and to put more powerful composable primitives into developers' hands. Making room not just to build with today’s frameworks, but to use the platform and build your own lean and tailored architectures or frameworks of tomorrow.

In the same way that the web platform itself has drastically improved over the last several years through the work of browser makers, Netlify aims to push the standards of what the server side platform can become.

We believe the next few years will lead to huge change and innovation in the web UI space as new device types built for AR and AI technologies emerge. Also, as generative AI accelerates production of content, code, art assets and other forms of creative expression, it will fundamentally change the constraints the current generation of UIs have been built around.

Stay tuned for the next three days of launches! They’re just the beginning.

Hope to see you all next week at Compose!

Netlify Primitives Launches

  1. SWR & Fine Grained Cache Control
  2. Netlify Functions Region Selection
  3. Introducing Netlify Functions 2.0
  4. Cache-tage and Purge API on Netlify

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