Netlify Build

Push to Git, and that’s it

Netlify Build is modern CI/CD infrastructure for frontend teams, pre-configured and fully automated so you can focus on writing code that moves your projects forward.

Step 1: connect your Git repo. Step 2: push your code. There is no step 3.

Effortless continuous
deployment for sites and apps

All the infrastructure & automation you need for web projects

Unlike traditional CI/CD solutions, Netlify doesn’t require a full-time administrator to manage the pipeline. This means you won’t need to orchestrate a fleet of machines or containers to simulate production before you deploy. Release with confidence, knowing what you see in every preview will match what you see in production.

dist/ npm run generate Deploy Site

Unlimited staging.
Effortless rollbacks.

Set Netlify Build to deploy a preview of every branch in the repository and automatically attach Deploy Preview URLs to each Pull/Merge Request. Even on production, Netlify preserves historical versions of your site for instant rollbacks.

Customize and configure every step

Easily extend the functionality of the Netlify Build process by installing plugins or writing your own. The Netlify Build API allows you to write custom code that hooks into each stage of the build and deployment lifecycle.

Run tests and checks
directly from the build

Quickly build automated testing into your deploy process, enforce performance and accessibility standards, or kick off services such as search indexing after a deploy completes

See all available integrations

Deploy frontend & backend
code from one repository

As you deploy your sites and apps, Netlify intelligently pushes frontend code and backend functions to the right infrastructure without even requiring a maintenance window.

Learn more about Netlify Functions

Run A/B testing and phased rollouts

Deploy and test multiple branches, and even control which users see which version. Plan full experiments and rolling upgrades that include both front and backend code changes. A/B test not just a button color, but entire user workflows.

Learn more about Split Testing

75% 25% 50% 25% 75% 50%
dist/ npm run generate Deploy Site 75% 25% 50% 25% 75% 50%
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On Netlify, every Pull Request gets its own deployed version and I can be confident how things will actually look in production.

Kristian, via Twitter

*Jam packed* with features

Simple to use but incredibly powerful, Netlify Build has everything you need to tackle even the most demanding web projects.

Trigger builds automatically from Git

As you push changes to Git, Netlify will automatically build and deploy from your main branch.

Branch and pull request previews

Automatically generate a full site preview for each Git branch or pull request.

Instant, atomic updates

After Netlify builds your project in advance, all changes are deployed seamlessly as an instant atomic update.

Collaborate directly on deploy previews

Enable reviewers to leave high-quality, visual feedback right from a deploy preview.

On-demand Builders for speedy deployments

For large projects, speed up initial build times by deferring the build of any web page or content until it’s first requested.

Enhance builds with integrations

Access plugins for search, visual diff checks, vulnerability scans, Lighthouse scores, sitemaps, and more.

Create your own plugins

Run your own JavaScript functions triggered by any stage of the build-deploy lifecycle.

Powerful CLI

Control all aspects of building and deploying Netlify sites from the command line.

TOML-based configuration

In addition to the web dashboard, Netlify projects can be configured with a text-based file you can version control in your Git project.

Full API

Available REST-style API to programatically manage all aspects of site builds and deployment.

Open source build image

Download Netlify’s Ubuntu-based build image for local testing.

Intelligent post-processing

Netlify can automatically perform snippet injection, asset optimization, prerendering, and form detection.

Build environment variables

Store data like API keys securely, share them across projects, and provide different values for different deploy contexts.

Dependency caches

After the initial build, Netlify caches dependencies to greatly speed up subsequent builds.

Incoming webhooks

Trigger new builds from remote services & APIs. Deploy a new version of your site when content changes in a CMS or data is updated in a database.

Outgoing webhooks

Notify other services or APIs as a deploy starts, succeeds, or fails.

Upgrade to High-Performance

Double The Processing Power
More Memory
Higher Concurrency

Have a large team or demanding projects? Upgrade to High-Performance Build for even more power and control.

  • 10 processor cores
  • 36GB memory
  • 12+ concurrent builds
  • Customizable build times
  • 99.9% uptime SLA