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Netlify Dev

Run our entire platform right on your laptop. Preview it all – site generation, functions, and edge logic.

The one dev server that powers it all

Imagine the productivity boost of being able to locally test your site generator, API integrations, serverless functions, and edge rules, all in a single development server. That’s Netlify Dev: a powerful way to build and test modern web apps on your local machine.

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Kent C. Dodds

“Decoupled web projects involve so many components. The hard part is testing all the pieces locally, together. Netlify Dev delivers this beautifully with one command.”

Kent C. Dodds, @kentcdodds

How it works

When using our CLI, you can run one simple command to share a live link of your site!

# Install the Netlify CLI
  npm install netlify-cli -g

# Start Netlify dev
  netlify dev
Get started in the docs

…spawns a full local environment…

Netlify Dev automatically:

  • Detects and runs your site generator
  • Makes environment variables available
  • Performs edge logic and routing rules
  • Compiles and runs cloud functions

…that you can even stream live!

Netlify Dev takes hot reloading to whole new level, allowing you to actually stream your dev server to a live URL.

Great for collaborative development, you can now share your work as you work, and get instant feedback.

Test it all together. Deploy it all together

Frontend builds. Serverless code. Edge routing logic.

No other service allows you to write and manage everything from a single repository. Test, version control, and deploy it all together.

Test and deploy your site locally

Be instantly productive

Your favorite generator & tools

Netlify Dev automatically detects common tools like Gatsby, Hugo, Jekyll, React Static, Eleventy, and more, providing a zero-config setup for your local dev server.

WASM edge logic engine

We’ve faithfully replicated our powerful edge logic engine in WebAssembly so you can locally test all the same rules before deploying them to our global infrastructure.

Zip & ship functions

Write cloud functions in modern javascript, adding needed dependencies. Netlify will compile your functions as AWS Lambdas and deploy them as full API endpoints. Local testing works too!

Inject environment variables

As the development server starts, it will automatically fetch and make available any environment variables you have stored in your Netlify dashboard.

Show your work. Live.

Netlify Live is a hosted service that continually runs your dev command, just like you do locally, watching for changes. The result is an instant preview you can share with your entire team, with live updates as code and content change.

Website browser showing a live Netlify Dev URL you can share externally

Prompt productivity

Netlify Dev installs with Netlify CLI — create new sites, setup continuous deployment, and push new deploys, right from the command line.

You can install it right now with this command:

npm install netlify-cli -g

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