JAMstack architecture on Netlify: How Identity and Functions work together

In this tutorial we'll take a deeper look at how to use Functions together with Netlify’s Identity feature to access and update user data, and allow your users to send you a message that you receive directly on Slack. All it takes is a little bit of glue code to bring the services together.

13 min

Matt Biilmann posted this on March 29, 2018

Netlify's AWS Lambda functions bring the backend to your frontend workflow

Netlify now handles your AWS Lambda functions so you don't have to. Bring all the power of microservices to your site without setting up servers, writing server-side code, or managing multiple accounts.

05 min

Matt Biilmann & Chris Bach posted this on March 20, 2018

Create your own URL shortener with Netlify's Forms and Functions

Create a URL shortener that uses your own custom domain with Netlify Functions and Forms

09 min

Phil Hawksworth posted this on March 19, 2018

FaaS and the Benefits of Serverless

In the latest episode of JAMstack Radio, Brian invites Ryan Scott Brown and David Wells to examine the rise of Functions as a Service (FaaS).

36 min

Brian Douglas posted this on May 2, 2017

Don’t let your site be slow and vulnerable.