About Algolia

Algolia is the Search-as-a-Service platform that enables companies of all sizes to deliver fast and relevant digital experiences that drive real results. Algolia’s powerful API allows developers and business teams quickly and seamlessly build and optimize search experiences that increase online engagement, conversion rates and revenue. More than 9,500 companies including Under Armour, Lacoste, Birchbox, Stripe, Slack, Medium, and Zendesk rely on Algolia to manage over 95 billion search queries a month.
"At Rackspace, we migrated our technical documentation platform from a custom in-house system to Netlify and we chose Algolia to provide search. With the move to Netlify and Algolia, we saw dramatic improvements in build times and performance, plus much more relevant search results. We are delighted with our partnership, and our customers are seeing the benefits of these best of class providers."
Robb Romans, Manager, Information Development Team at Rackspace Technology

Algolia and Netlify

Automatically index your website to Algolia when deploying your project to Netlify with the Algolia Crawler. - Once a user installs the plugin on their Netlify site, the Algolia Crawler extracts structured data from every page any time a change occurs and indexes the content into Algolia to power the website’s search bar. - Algolia hosts and maintains the index in the cloud, allowing developers to build highly-tailored front-end experiences using one of several pre-built UI libraries. - The Algolia Crawler plugin can be used for a wide variety of industries—from media to technology—for various use cases, including site search with federated search, filtering, and faceting; documentation search; and customer self-service and support.

Use cases

  • Site Search

    Engage your visitors with frictionless experiences. Search as you type, typo tolerance, natural language understanding and many more allow for seamless discovery across all your content. Algolia Site Search enables businesses to build, manage and deliver customer centric, content based experiences on every channel.

  • Voice Search

    Algolia helps you go where search is headed, with query understanding, personalization, and search relevance. Algolia makes voice better on any platform and implement easily on web, mobile, and voice-first.

  • Geo Search

    Serving relevant content to your users is core to performant Search and Discovery, and relevance calls for context. Engage your users with content that makes sense for them wherever they are.

  • Mobile Search

    Algolia enables you to create rewarding mobile Search and Discovery experiences that users love.