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April Netlify Newsletter: Jamstack Conf Virtual Registration, Demos, Walkthroughs, and More!

News & Announcements

April Netlify Newsletter: Jamstack Conf Virtual Registration, Demos, Walkthroughs, and More!

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Hello! We are excited to open registration for Jamstack Conf virtual and can't wait to connect with you online. Also, our team has published lots of tutorials and case studies to our blog in recent weeks. So read on to check out some of the most popular articles, as well as an upcoming webinar about the journey from Drupal to the Jamstack.

Sign up for FREE for Jamstack Conf Virtual, May 27-28

Registration is now open for Jamstack Conf in May. We’ll explore connecting at global scale, including the pragmatic role played by developers, devops and the web. We’ll also cover the future of Jamstack for many use cases, including new innovations, demos and case studies. It is a free virtual, online event. Day one is focused on talks and more, and day two brings you workshops and tutorials. View the updated schedule and speakers so far. Interested sponsors can still contact us. We hope to see everyone online in May!

New SAML enforcement capabilities for business users

Single sign-on (SSO) is a fast and secure way for your team to access the Netlify UI. While SAML-based SSO has been available for a while as a part of our Advanced Team Security plan, we recently made an update that lets you restrict access to only team members who use SSO. Other login types such as email, GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket will be denied access to the team unless they sign in via SSO. Learn more in our docs.

Upcoming webinar: A Drupal Journey to the Jamstack

Join us on April 28 at 9 AM PT to learn from veteran Drupaler, Jamstack advocate, and Therefore CEO Alex De Winne. He'll explain why Drupal is still relevant and show you how to adapt it to be part of a robust Jamstack that works at scale. You'll see a live demo, a real world example of a major brand using Drupal and the Jamstack, and more!

Register for this webinar here.

Refined Name for Jamstack

JAMstack, JAMStack, or Jamstack? After an in-depth conversation with the community over the last month, we've come together to adopt "Jamstack" across We'll start using that spelling in materials from Netlify and look forward to seeing it adopted by the wider community.

Last call for your feedback for the Jamstack survey

Help the Jamstack community by giving us your feedback in the State of the Jamstack community survey. When a community is growing this fast, it's hard to know what's standard practice and what's a niche interest. Tell us your Jamstack feedback and technology choices, so all can benefit from the results — newcomers and experienced users alike. The survey takes 15 minutes and is anonymous unless you want to be contacted. Survey closes April 26, and results will be shared during the Jamstack Conf virtual event.

Automate your web workflows with the Jamstack

To highlight what makes the Jamstack so easily configurable compared to other frameworks for building sites, check out our recent examination of Build Automation, Event Triggers, APIs and Serverless Functions.

Learn WordPress on the Jamstack in this demo

Watch this demo to learn how to migrate a WordPress website to the modern Jamstack architecture. While WordPress provides a pleasant content management experience, it can come with some development and site speed issues. Netlify's Jason Lengstorf goes step-by-step through turning your WordPress site into a Jamstack site with a WordPress backend. You can keep the convenience of using WordPress’s custom backend for creating and editing content while also avoiding the downsides of WordPress.

Best practices: How to scope down pull requests

One of the most valuable skills one can possess as a developer is to learn how to scope down your work into manageable pull requests (PRs). Check out this recent post from Sarah Drasner on the processes you can use to scope PRs down, as well as who on your team can assist.

Welcome new Netlify customers!

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to the latest companies who trust Netlify with their web infrastructure! Learn more about Netlify's enterprise products.


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