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  • Sites list sorts and filters

    If your team has a lot of sites on Netlify, you might sometimes find it tricky to track down exactly which site you need. To help you find your sites faster, we’ve added sorts and filters to the Sites...

  • Supercharge your Astro 4.0 site with the new Netlify Adapter

    Netlify improves Astro support with release of version 4.0 of the Netlify adapter for Astro.

  • Build plugin update: System Node.js version upgrade to 20

    The system Node.js version will be updated from version 18 to 20 on January 30, 2024. In addition, any build plugins installed through the Integrations tab of the Netlify UI will use Node.js 20 as...

  • Developing Gatsby: Enhancing stability and reliability

    Gatsby has been a beloved React-based open-source framework for a long time now. We have been working hard to bring the best parts of Gatsby Cloud across to Netlify, and addressed some critical bug...

  • Netlify App for Slack generally available

    The Netlify app for Slack is now generally available to all Core Pro and Core Enterprise teams on Netlify. Set up Slack subscriptions to monitor the health and security of your web apps, and foster...

  • Introducing Netlify Image CDN

  • Introducing Netlify Blobs Beta

    At Netlify, we’re committed to building strong platform primitives that empower developers to do their best work and achieve more with less. We’re excited to announce Netlify Blobs, a general purpose...

  • Support for Prismic in Netlify Connect

    Today, we’re launching a new built-in data source connector for Connect: Prismic. With the new connector, sourcing content from Prismic into Connect’s GraphQL API can be done in no time. You can learn...

  • Hook into Netlify build events with Private Integrations

    Simplify and enhance team builds with Netlify Build Event Handlers. Detect broken links pre-deployment, create private integrations, and enable them effortlessly.

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