About Uniform

Uniform makes the fastest personalized sites possible at global scale, with predictable and controlled costs. Uniform was started by a team of ex-Sitecore people to bring the benefits of Jamstack to enterprises looking to extend their digital experience platforms.

Uniform enables Jamstack for the enterprise, focused on outcomes to:

- Increase user engagement

- Increase site performance

- Reduce infrastructure costs

We used Uniform and Netlify to Jamstack’ify & launch 98 sites for a client. Through Uniform and Netlify we were able to realize faster performance & cost reduction of our client's infrastructure.
Jonathan Bobo, Global CTO at Hangar Worldwide

Uniform and Netlify

Uniform connects Netlify with leading enterprise marketing technologies, like Sitecore and Contentful, so you can focus on creating the right content for the right audience. Using Uniform's decoupled edge personalization and tracker, Uniform makes personalization blazing fast on Netlify's global edge.

Netlify is integrated in the Uniform product for easy adoption.

Use cases

  • Jamstack personalization with Contentful

    Uniform Optimize for Contentful brings blazing-fast edge personalization to Contentful. Uniform Optimize is fully compatible with Netlify and renders personalization in less than 50ms. Use front-end of choice with starters for Next.js and Nuxt.

  • Jamstack for Sitecore

    Uniform for Sitecore enables existing Sitecore customers to continue using their current version of Sitecore XM or XP, with support for MVC, SXA and JSS. Sitecore customers can connect Sitecore to the world of Jamstack and optimize site performance and security, and can leverage the latest JavaScript frameworks (such as Nuxt.js and Next.js) with Netlify.