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October Changelog: What‘s New at Netlify

News & Announcements

October Changelog: What‘s New at Netlify

Hi folks!

This year’s Jamstack Conf was our community’s biggest virtual event to date! Thank you to everyone who joined us. Don’t worry if you missed the show, you can check out the Jamstack Conf 2021 Instant Replay to catch what you missed or to revisit your favorite sessions.

And that’s not all that the Netlify team was up to in October.

Read on to discover what’s new at Netlify!

Faster, more reliable page loads with update to On-demand Builders

Earlier this year, Netlify announced early access for On-demand Builders, an open-framework solution to improve build times for large sites. This new update to the On-demand Builders beta introduces global persistence for content across all edge nodes, so site visitors get reliably faster response times—regardless of their geographic locations.

New Loom integration for Deploy Previews

We’re excited to announce that now Netlify users can record Loom videos right from a Deploy Preview and save as a comment to a Git pull or merge request. Now it’s easier than ever for you to leave async video feedback about your web projects using Deploy Previews!

Write your Netlify Functions using Rust

Announcing experimental support for Rust in Netlify Functions! Now Rust developers can benefit from Netlify’s streamlined workflow for building the backend of a web application, allowing you to focus on writing the business logic instead of provisioning servers, orchestrating deployments, or navigating verbose configuration.

More Product Updates

  • Build with Next.js 12 on Netlify: Next.js 12 was just released and some cool new features are coming out, like a new Rust compiler, React 18 support, native ESM support, and a few other things. Get started using Next.js 12 on Netlify with this starter repo →
  • Nuxt 3 is live and ready to deploy on Netlify: The Nuxt 3 public beta is live! With this release, developers are now able to try out Nuxt 3 with all of its latest features like a faster dev environment, the latest Vue 3 features, and SSR Support. The most exciting thing is you can deploy a Nuxt 3 project on Netlify today with one click! Start building with Nuxt 3 on Netlify →
  • Leave GIF feedback for better Deploy Preview comments: Now you can search GIPHY to add GIFs to your Deploy Preview comments! When you want to leave some praise on a pull request, you can pop open the Netlify Drawer and show them your profound approval. Learn more about using GIPHY in Deploy Previews →
  • More awesome new Deploy Previews features: You may have noticed a new dock UI at the bottom of your Deploy Preview. We’re hoping this change makes the handy Netlify Drawer even more convenient for reviewers. Do you know what else is convenient? Now you can embed Figma and Notion files in your Deploy Preview comments, too. Read about these cool new Deploy Previews features →
  • Use LaunchDarkly Feature Flags with Netlify: Feature flags are a great way of giving developers more control over the features they create. With just a bit of JavaScript, they eliminate the need to maintain multiple feature branches within your source code. The good news is the whole process can be automated. Learn how to use LaunchDarkly Feature Flags with Netlify →
  • Update to website Analytics: In order to make Netlify analytics more reliable and stable, we’ve adjusted the way we report bandwidth information to match our billing data. Now the data reported in your console will better reflect actual bandwidth usage. Read the community post for this feature update →

To stay up to date on changes like these, head over to the Updates category in Netlify Support Forums and click on your profile icon, then click the bell icon to receive real-time notifications. Stay tuned for more exciting updates next month!

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