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Introducing our Web Ecosystem Webinar Series

News & Announcements

Introducing our Web Ecosystem Webinar Series

Ready to unlock new capabilities and use cases for your Jamstack sites and apps? We’ve created a new Web Ecosystem Webinar Series to help you discover proven enterprise partner solutions, plugins and API integrations to help you push the limits of website performance and team productivity.

Each month we will host a showcase of key features, product demos and a live Q&A so you can have your questions answered directly by our partners. We’ll cover everything from identifying the root cause of performance issues to building a fully-composable experience through the concept of “progessive decoupling”, and more.

Check out who’s on the calendar and register today:

… and more to come!

Can’t wait for the next one? Check out Sharing the Fun of Headless with Your Marketers with Magnolia, on demand.

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