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What is a Headless CMS, You Ask?

Tools & Services

What is a Headless CMS, You Ask?

Content Management Systems (CMSs) have helped people handle lots of digital content. You may have now heard that they've lost their heads. Headless CMS is a CMS that has the dependency to its presentation, or "head", layer removed. This gives teams the freedom to use their data with whatever technology they choose and the ability to change what they use down the road. My favorite part about this is that content providers can still have the same data entry UI they are used to then devs can use the Headless CMS APIs to use the data in the framework they're most comfortable with.

Now Hear it From the Pros

This topic was so interesting to us we thought we should have so experts come on and tell us all about it. We invited Alex Trost (from Prismic) & Daniel Phiri (from Strapi.js) to talk about decoupled content management and more!

We had a great time learning from these two and are excited for the future of headless technology. As always we hope you found it remotely interesting!

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