News & Announcements

March Netlify Newsletter: Next.js on Netlify, Linkable Logs and more

News & Announcements

March Netlify Newsletter: Next.js on Netlify, Linkable Logs and more

It's been a busy March at Netlify! Read about what we've been up to in this re-publishing of our monthly newsletter. Want to receive updates like this in your inbox? Sign up for our mailing list here ⬇️

🌶 News: Next.js on Netlify integration now available

Next.js on Netlify

Are you a Next.js user? We have news for you! Netlify now auto-detects and enables Next.js apps with zero-configuration required, supporting features like preview mode, internationalized routing and server-side rendering (with Netlify Functions!). Get started with the docs for the Essential Next.js plugin on Netlify today!

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🍩 Jamstack quick bites

Some Jamstack articles we've been snacking on:

🔗 Linkable log = better team collab

Netlify Linkable Logs

You can now create a shareable URL for a single deploy log line or range of lines, making it super easy to reference and share with team members. This handy feature was created in our company-wide hack day, because we build Netlify on Netlify, and are passionate about developer experience. ✨ Check out the docs.

Bonus: you can now pause and play Functions logs, making for a better debugging experience all around!

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More Product Updates

📘 How Spring Migrated from a Monolith to Microservices

Spring (formerly Teespring) is a massive e-commerce platform with more than 1 million unique visitors each day. They migrated from a monolithic Rails app to a microservices-based web architecture, and achieved vastly better developer experience, site performance and conversion rates. They also cut build times from 90 minutes to 1 minute using Netlify High-Performance Build.

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📅 Join us at an upcoming event

🥳 Welcome New Netlify Customers!

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to the latest companies who trust Netlify with their web infrastructure! Learn more about Netlify's enterprise products.

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