Server-Side Rendering with Postmates

In Ep. #24 of JAMstack Radio, Brian is joined by Trey Huffine, software engineer at Postmates, an on-demand delivery service based in San Francisco. The pair discusses the pros and cons of server-side rendering and the joys of React. Stick around for the latest picks!

23 min

Brian Douglas posted this on January 25, 2018

Open source Netlify CMS hits 1.0, bringing Git-based content management to static sites everywhere

The open source Netlify CMS has hit 1.0, with the release of an editor-friendly UI and general improvements that yield greater stability and usability.

04 min

Shawn Erquhart posted this on December 7, 2017

Coding Modern Websites with the JAMstack, Part 1

Explore how to build a client-side application using modern tooling for a restaurant serving a modern cuisine. We will accomplish this using the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can play around with the live version at tasty.netlify.com.

08 min

Brian Douglas posted this on October 5, 2017

JAMstack vs Isomorphic Server Side Rendering

The JAMstack runs against all that is Isomorphic JavaScript. It encourages the separation of code between your client and your API while leveraging the use of microservices. At the core, if your site is serving static content, it is exposing your site to fewer vulnerabilities. Sites are much more portable when not tightly coupled to a server and served from a CDN.

12 min

Brian Douglas posted this on June 6, 2017

JAMstack, Netlify CMS, and 10x-ing Smashing Magazine

Matt Biilmann and Chris Bach joined the show to talk about JAMstack, Netlify CMS, how open source drives standards, and 10x-ing the speed of Smashing Magazine.

01 min

Matt Biilmann & Chris Bach posted this on May 31, 2017

Top Ten Static Site Generators of 2017

In this countdown, we will review the top ten static website generators of 2017 so far.

08 min

Eli Williamson posted this on May 25, 2017

Accessibility on the Modern Web

Explore tips, tools, and best practices on accessibility on the modern web.

02 min

Cassandra Salisbury posted this on May 18, 2017

Learning JavaScript with Free Code Camp

Discuss Free Code Camp’s ‘self study together’ approach that has grown their community

25 min

Brian Douglas posted this on March 29, 2017

Don’t let your site be slow and vulnerable.