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Migrating your Jekyll site to Netlify

Move your Jekyll site from GitHub Pages to Netlify in just a few steps!


Brian Douglas wrote this on May 11, 2017

Optimizing Your CDN Strategy for the Ever-Changing Online World

When individuals or businesses opt to use CDN services, their primary goal is to provide a delightful experience to website visitors. Ensuring a fast loading website, despite the distance between access point of the visitor and server where the website is hosted became a thing of utmost importance.


Duke Vukadinovic wrote this on May 10, 2017

How to do redirects on Netlify

You can configure redirects and rewrite rules for your Netlify site by adding a _redirects file to the root of your site folder (note, if you’re running a build command, the _redirects file should end up in the folder you’re deploying. It’s not enough to have on in the root of your repository).


Brian Douglas wrote this on May 4, 2017

FaaS and the Benefits of Serverless

In the latest episode of JAMstack Radio, Brian invites Ryan Scott Brown and David Wells to examine the rise of Functions as a Service (FaaS).


Brian Douglas wrote this on May 2, 2017

Adding Algolia DocSearch to Netlify CMS

Adding search to JAMstack sites is a new thing for me but not a new thing for Algolia. Algolia is a hosted search tool that provides lightning fast search results. I decided to give Algolia a try for our new Netlify CMS documentation and discovered their DocSearch solution.


Brian Douglas wrote this on April 25, 2017

Creating a blog with Middleman and Netlify CMS

Getting started is often the easy part, but staying consistent is where most aspiring bloggers fall short. At Netlify we sought out to help solve this with an open source solution, Netlify CMS.


Brian Douglas wrote this on April 20, 2017

Clean up promise handling with resolvePromiseProperties

resolvePromiseProperties allows you to take an object which has promises as some of its properties and get a promise that resolves to an object where all the promises are replaced with their resolved value.


Benaiah Mischenko wrote this on April 18, 2017

Don’t let your site be slow and vulnerable.